Eternium: Action RPG! Storyline has 40 levels with 3 Acts. Elban is the final boss which has killed town folks.

Trails uncharted parts of Eternium that are stage by stage lvs that go beyond lv 70 Experience. Each trail is plus 10 levels at Trail lv 9 they actually add experience at additional 2% for every level. Currently Level 119 in the trails is the highest level completed by a Mage.

General play:

Eternium has mega transactions. Purchase Equipment, XP boosters, Gem Boosters, Campanions and Treasure chests.

Currency: Gemstones require a purchase by pressing on the gemstones found on the top of the display you enter the store. You can purchase daily gemstones and packages.

Note: Don't get Gems confused with Gemstones

Act 1: The Broken Dragon: Levels 1 - 16

The Broken Dragon has 16 levels. Level 16 boss is a Fire Breathing Dragon. Abilites are stunning ring of fire, fire breathing and canon balls of fire.

Act 2: Elderath,s Moon: Levels 17 - 29

Xenodon Giant - Level 29 is a Armored Rhino. Crushing jaws, posion ring of breath and support call of troops.

Act 3: Pyramids of the Gods: Levels 30 - 40

Final Boss : Elban - Level 40 an Armored Demon. Abilities Ariel attack, fast slashing attack and slow attack

Characters: Their are 3 characters

Bounty Hunter, Mage and Warrior.

Bounty Hunter is ranged character.

Mage uses magic and radius attacks.

Warrior is a in small arms combat. Hand to hand combat. Close order combat.

Glitches to improve character

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